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2003 August

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08.31.03 (9:24 am)   [edit]
Well, There has been absolutely NOTHING going on, so why write? :?:

08.27.03 (9:26 am)   [edit]
Yesterday I found out that my dear horse is lame( well, we already knew that) but we also found out that we cant ride her for at least to weeks.evil: That might not sound that bad to you people who dont know anything about horses (no offense!!) And it may not even sound bad to people with horses, but it is for us, for a few reasons... Like that its costing a lot of money to treat her, etc. WEll, I should probly go now, becuase i am SOO sure that you guys are all probly drooling becuase yor so bored, well, nobodys reading this in the first placce - which is probly the first place:shock:

WEll, toodles! :D

I know I just wrote....
08.25.03 (5:36 pm)   [edit]
Well, I think I figured this blog thingy out!! Yippee!!
As i said before, today was pretty boring....GAAKK!!

Anyway...I'm [i][u][b]SORE[/b][/u][/i]!!! So, you ask yourself why is this butthead sore? i will anser you, I rode my jorse bareback yesterday, and she was being a BITCH!!!!!!! So yah...LALALALALALALA :shock:

I want a Cockatiel!! :x GRRrrrr Ok, tjat was REALLY random...O well! Ok, I'm gonna sign off nw, beause I'm probly BORING you to death!!

But, anything inteesting happens (as iff!) I'll keep you guys (Like anyone would read this boring CRAP!) posted!!! :roll:

What happened todAY??
08.25.03 (4:58 pm)   [edit]
Well, Not much happened, except I wascalled a brat by the boy who i babysit (who is 4) that was intersesting! :D I Also got to watch bob the bilder...Hmmm

Ok, Summer is pretty boring, but guess what? School is worse!!! AHHHHHH School is starting soon....Save me!!!!!!!! :x :cry: